on Friday, January 14, 2011

Commercial Street
I live in a place which is a bit far from the city. So normally for my day-to day shopping I go to nearby malls or at times a little far away malls. For the past couple of days due to marriage shopping, I started visiting Commercial Street. And God, I was really missing on so many things till now. The place is so full of all kinds of shops and is amazingly good for accessories, handbags and lastly shoes, all kinds of shoes. Its somewhat like Sarojini Nagar, Delhi but at the same time has good brands also. You can go from one street to another and there is always something new to explore. At times it is crowded but I can excuse that for the advantages it offers.
I do recommend this place to all girl friends who visit Bangalore.

on Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happiness is when you think about yesterday and a smiles tickles down on your face remembering the moments you experienced yesterday.

Oh yeah, I experienced it.

If you are not comfortable at something and you just avoid that something by making an excuse so that you are not the part of it......

I wonder how right or wrong it is........

on Monday, March 01, 2010

Ref. – IIT Delhi student Pragati was killed by her boyfriend in Shimla when they went together during mid-term break – This girl was a junior of mine

I was shocked to read it and couldn’t concentrate on anything after this. Somehow her face kept coming back to me.
Was this murder a price that she paid for trusting the wrong guy?
Or was it the price for not having the ability to know someone?
Or was it the price that she was innocent enough to recognize some?
Or was it the price that too soon (m not sure here as to how soon) she went alone with the guy?

I don’t know the answers. Being 20-21 is matured enough. But only when we apply our maturity granted brains in our life.
It ok to be blind in love but only when you know the other person well enough and can trust him/her.